Everyone has a mental toolbox they draw on every day to get things done. How full is yours?


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My toolbox is populated by three decades of IT experience leading up to my current position as a Senior Director at a Fortune 100 company. I’ve seen a lot, read a lot, made mistakes, and found new and innovative approaches to bring to leadership. I’ve always learned and added new tools to my mental toolbox and through this site I will give you some shiny new tools to embrace, consider, or in some cases what to avoid.

The optimal outcome for this site is that you walk away with a new tool you can stick in your toolbox.

In general I write to several themes which I have found to be the most beneficial to creating a highly effective organization: Employee empowerment, Process improvement, Lean Six Sigma, Leadership, Continuous improvement, and what I call "next level thinking".

Please enjoy and send your thoughts, feedback, or questions. I also encourage discussion and debate, learning from each other as we move forward.

My posts across all categories are:

The Art of Handling Interruptions

Consider how productive and satisfying your work would be if you could work without interruption on a regular basis!

Unintended messaging

Leaders need to be especially careful with the message their communications is sending.

Four days with Dr. Deming

A book review of Four days with Dr. Deming

Five things about Seth Godin's altMBA

Five things you should know about the altMBA.

Watkinson Web Slam

Students volunteer to create web sites for good causes.

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